Last speech: disgusting bodies, just like mine

16 Apr

this is to end the show “CONSEQUENCE OF SIMPLICITIES” by tom rottleuthner & christina lederhaas, after 45 minutes of music/movement clips in beautiful costumes.


thank you.
thank you so much.
thank you.
what to say now?

I want to say thank you to the audience: you just made my day! our day.
our night. this night. this very very night.
and so i am standing here.
we are standing here,
sweating like hell,
actually stinking a bit now,

honsestly speaking, I am stinking like hell! I am stinking like a rotten animal. but I am not alone. I am here with you. and you stink, too. you stink like hell, and we are having a great night.

And then I look at you, and I see a lot of ugly faces, ugly noses, disgusting bodies, just like mine, smelling like a bunch of dead rotten animals in old and left factory building, and here I stand,

having a wonderful time with you,

but like a bunch of shit in the middle of a park in a middle-european city, with drunk children playing arround with their injections, everything has to come to an end. and when It comes to say goodbye, I don’t want to leave without expressing my deep gratitide.

my deep gratitude towards the governenement, towards the military, to our boys at overseas and at home, to all the familys, the brave men from the firebrigades and from the authorities, the cowboys and gogo-girls, the ministers and their dominas, the lawyers and the TV-stations, the cleaning ladies and the policemen,


that have kept us safe and worm tonight, safe and worm.

safe and worm, witnessing the end of another great night, looking like pigs in front of a bunch of domestic waste, ready to dig into it, ready to put our sweaty noses deep into the shit that surrounds us, ready to copulate with our faces deep in decomposed eggs from last week’s diner, ready to swallow to leftovers of smashed potatoes with sausages, that we had last month.

and yes,

we had it again this month, and we had beer and vine and we watched the news and we saw,

let me say this,

we saw this huge movements in egypt, all those beautiful tanks, guns and mobile phones from india, and then last week we had it again,

and in that very moment when we vomited on our nice brown table at home, we were nothing but thinking of you, and of this very night, when we share this show with you, and now I am looking in all those faces and they all remind me of that puke in my living room, because that is what you look like, and that is what I look like, after this wonderful show that we had together, and this is how we will remember you, and this is the moment, and here is looking at you, audience!

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